QREC Display Materials


Create a display for your monthly, quarterly or yearly meeting using these materials.

This example uses a trifold, printouts and some stickers from a teacher supply store.

This example uses a trifold and little hand stickers, both purchased at a teacher supply store.

Each item below is an 8.5x11 page or photo you can print and put on your board.

Be sure to offer a chance for Friends to give us their contact information on the Interest Sign-up Sheet available for printing below.

         Let us know how it goes at quakercollaborative4re@gmail.com. Send photos!


Display Pages to print: click on the name or photo to get a page to print


  Alternative Banner #1

               Alternative Banner #2


  QREC Mission Statement

   Listening Circles

   Conversation Circles

  RE Quaker Web Resources

        About Quaker Meeting and Me

   Spring 2017 QREC E-Newsletter

   Website Holiday Resource Postings

Print and cut as handouts  


Print Interest Sign Up Sheet and place on table  


Print photos for your display: some are small, others have captions