Introduction to QREC - Video

The Quaker Religious Education collaborative steering committee introduces its purpose to foster religious education and its work as of April 2015, including its second annual gathering at Pendle Hill Quaker Study Center this summer. Members include Liz Yeats, Beth Collea, Melinda Wenner Bradley, and Marsha Holliday.

Listening Circles: June 2015

Friends are Invited to Host or Join a Listening Circle!  To take stock of our work and our growing RE community, we invite and encourage you to host a summer Listening Circle.  Guiding queries and more information in document posted here. 

​We're also hosting ONLINE Listening Circles, June 9 and 16 at 7pm EST and June 23 at 10pm EST/7pm PDT

QREC Conversation Circles

Conversation Circles are online video conferences which provide a space for Quaker religious educators across geographic regions to share and collaborate about why and how they do their work. Each conversation has a different topic. Participants self select and about 10 participants can join on each call.

Growing Edges of Quaker Religious Education

tree with hands logo for Quaker Religious Education Collaborative

Growing Edges of Quaker Religious Education

A Quaker Religious Education Conference   14-16 August 2015   Pendle Hill, Wallingford PA USA

We are excited to report that 48 Friends from 12 yearly meetings traveled to be together for a full weekend of sharing, learning, fellowship and worship. Together we created a multigenerational space that included Friends from across geographic and theological boundaries. We were blessed with many opportunities to network and build relationships that will support and sustain our RE work in our meetings and churches and further QREC's stewardship for life-long Quaker faith formation through religious education. Many reported coming away with a sense of the weekend being a covered time together. 

Plans were made to collaborate on some projects throughout the year. A full report of the conference, including information about ways for Friends to be part of this ongoing work, will be available soon. Watch for an article about the conference and QREC soon in Friends Journal.