Title Summary File
¿Eres un Cuáquero? PDF icon CMCA_EresCuáquero.pdf
¿Cuántos Cuáqueros hay alrededor del mundo? PDF icon CMCA_CuaìntosCuaìquerosdelMundo.pdf
La Guía Práctica de Recursos para la Comunidad Cuáquera PDF icon GuiaPractica_CMCA_VerlaTapiceria.pdf
Escuchando en Lenguas PDF icon CMCA_EscucharenLenguas.pdf
Enfoque Cuáquero sobre la sostenibilidad PDF icon CMC_ Enfoquesostenibilidad.pdf
10 Razones Principales por las que Soy un Cuáquero PDF icon CMCA_10Razones.pdf
Friends Journal Student Voices Project Flyer to learn about FJ's Student Voices Project PDF icon Student_Voices_Project_Flyer2016.pdf
Am I A Quaker? FWCC-QuakerSpeak Curriculum to accompany video by same name. PDF icon FWCC Am I A Quaker?.pdf
QREC 2017 Gathering Save the Date Save the Date flyer for 2017 gathering at Quaker Hill PDF icon QREC Save the Date 2017.pdf
Nativity for the Modern Age Nativity 2016 written by FDS at Kennett Meeting (PhYM) PDF icon Kennett Meeting PhYM Christmas 2016.pdf
Gifts of Creation Lesson with Games Lesson to accompany FWCC-QuakerSpeak video "A Quaker Approach to Sustainability" PDF icon The Gifts of Creation Games.pdf
QREC Connections Newsletter - Fall 2016 news about our network with many resources for FDS and adult education PDF icon news about our network with many resources for FDS and adult education
Invitation to RE Writers and Editors QREC invites Friends to contribute to a religious education resource project being organized by a member of NYYM PDF icon Invitation to RE Writers and Editors
Vocal Ministry Skit A skit created by teens at Friends Meeting of Washington (BYM) PDF icon A skit about vocal ministry in worship; created by teens.
Resource Guide for FWCC-QuakerSpeak Lesson Materials PDF icon FWCC Community of Practice RE Resource Guide 2.2017 Final.pdf
"Top 10 Reasons I Am a Quaker" Curriculum Materials to accompany FWCC-QuakerSpeak video PDF icon Why I'm A Quaker 10.20.16.pdf
How Friends Can Participate ways Friends can participate in QREC PDF icon for display
2015 barn picture Friends Gathered in the Barn at 2015 QREC, Pendle Hill, Wallingford PA PDF icon barngroup2015.pdf
Table at FWCC 2016 Photo of the table display at FWCC PDF icon fwccperu2016.pdf
Holiday Page for Display combined holidays PDF icon Holiday Resources for YM Display.pdf